Conformed by my feelings..

Today, I missed you more than yesterday and even more the day before that. As each day passes by I am comforted to know I have the distinct pleasure of getting to know you even if it’s by texting. The mere thought of you brings an endless smile to my face. I was beside myself and though your a million miles away I felt even farther now that I wasn’t in my usual places conversing with you. Since getting to know you, you have become a significant part of each day and my life on a whole. I can’t see a day passing by without talking to you. Our conversations are built upon understanding with such significance of dare I say, love and happiness on our pending journey.

Here’s what I want you to know, the distance between us can only strengthen our bond. We may have limited conversations but there everlasting on my mind, we started out hopeful so it remains the string that’ll be our saving grace. In such a short amount of time you have managed to alter my emotions making me realize that no negative outlook should be a determine factor on a beautiful ending. I should rely more on the positive aspects of life to overcome all my discontent and fear. If time zones aren’t an interference in our lives then nothing else ought to be a distraction. Time heals all broken wounds and as such time is the reconstructor of limitless possibilities. Consistency on our part is key to a brighter outlook.

Think it not strange how strong of a bond we share without meeting? Think it not strange of the emotional attachment we are building?



You brighten up my day, every second, every minute and every hour. I smile now more than ever.

About the way you entered my life, How clever.

Who would’ve thought my backwards thinking

Would’ve open the doors, much less allowed you in.

The subtlety and context vary in factors but exchanges are unlike any before

We have a budding relationship, which is stable enough for the potential to score.

My mysterious man is a stark reminder that there are good ones still left in this world,

Despite fear, despite complexities, and most of all being a fearful girl.

What is to become of tormented soul

Who once abandoned loved and walked out on her goals.


In 2018 I’ve embraced who I am as an individual, mother, friend, and most of all as a woman. I’ve encountered fear and hopeless wonders that seemed to have set a standard in the previous years. This year I touch upon so many aspects of a motivational approach, from spending a restful week on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia to visiting major land marks in Downtown Toronto.

Then coming back home and driving all over NYC to get my children to and from Castings all the while sightseeing and taking in the scenery of beautiful New York City. The beautiful skyline view of the Financial District from DUMBO things that we aren’t Privy to in suburbia.

To barbecuing along the Hudson River. There was no shortage of joyful moments in 2018. With grace and humility I humbly thanked thee for all the precious moments as well as my shortcomings. All great things deserve a bit of light, a light that seems to bring brightness in our lives at the most opportune time.

I’ve embraced challenging times with optimism and the same fear of hope I was once confronted with but focusing on what lies ahead in times of uncertainties allowed me to overcome many obstacles. Every day of my life seems to be a constant struggle but none that wasn’t been faced before. Acceptance and virtuous behavior have been the theme of my year, this year! Pulling through like a horse dragging its chariots to the finish line, or better yet it’s humbled destination. I am nowhere near victory but I’m well on my way, this journey we call life is borrowed. Many realize its value later that anticipated leaving them hasten, making premature decisions that diminish or belittle their character.

I reintroduced in my life that of timeless wonders with each novels I read this year, each audible stories that played continuously on my way to work, and the countless newspaper story that caught my eye. I took on some of the most sought after, critically acclaimed literary work that has become nonetheless motivational and inspiring. Women who wrote stories based off their lives, and or from their point of views. I have being captivated by their greatness and the ability to be encouraged that I too have a story that will be worth telling one day.

Far be it from me, to criticize the country I now call home. As citizens we see it declining in value and standards because of the subversive leadership that has reintroduced misogynistic behavior, hatred, greed and the devaluation of immigrants seeking a better life. In short, This was my synopsis of 2018 in a nutshell and with that said I’m hopping for a more invaluable 2019. More traveling, meeting promising people, and reading more interesting books. I was encouraged to seek out what it was that brings joy to my life and go after it, set forth in the direction that my heart may follow. My life has being no shortness of wistful moments and such moments don’t go in vain and for that I will continue on such path of greatnesses.

Reflections, I stand face forward humbled by the mirror image before me. Looking at this woman who bloomed from an oasis of desert land. How beautiful she stands before despite the struggles of which she endured. The authenticity of the hope she clinged to and the optimism which she lost, then found, then lost again. To finally being able to stand in the presence of greatness despite it all. Never really fitting in, thoughts were confined by a single narrative, that their wasn’t room for me at the table. I found my Nitch as they say, I found what it is I’m interested in. A hobby that doesn’t dampen my spirit, a task I willingly look forward to each morning. I found something for you to hold on to dear girl, this thing has widen your imagination and brought your ideology to life. So my dear, straighten up yourself and stand tall cause your heading down the road to success, fasten your seatbelts because your about to take on the ride of your life.

You may have been weakened by what you consider your faults and broken by tendencies beyond your control. Those minor aspects of life were to get you on the path your currently on. You are redefining your spirits that will lead you along successful endeavors. As to how you complete the journey, it’s all on you for time is the master of all great things.

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